Monday, October 17, 2011

My First Quilt!

In September of 2010 I became a mom for the first time to a beautiful  baby boy!  After almost a year, I realized I needed to get back into the crafty side of myself that was pre-mom!  I took a beginners quilt class in town and here is what I learned to make.  That was in June and since then I have been addicted with making things for my little guy-more to come on that later!  Enjoy!


I can't remember the name of this fabric or who it's from.  I am sure someone recognizes it?

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  1. What a terrific quilt, it's hard to believe it's your first, well done ! I love the border fabric, so cute. My first quilt was for my daughter, I took a beginner class like you did, while I was pregnant. Now it's 21 years old and threadbare, the last one I made for her was for her apartment, time flies. She's told me not to make her any more quilts, I think I'll ignore that.

  2. Lol I would ignore that too! Soon you will be quilting for her children and she will be jealous!