Friday, October 28, 2011

Retired Fabric

Why on earth does fabric have to retire? At least they could make sure newbies like me never knew it existed and I would feel much better!

I got a second request for a stocking and this time it's for a little girl. I was searching flickr for pink Christmas fabric and came across Be Merry from Riley Blake. It's beautiful and I need it, must have it.

I searched eBay and they have some of it but mostly flannel and for some reason I'm afraid to work with flannel!

Does anyone have a secret stash of this hidden away? Is there a top secret online store that sells it? What line do you wish they would re-print?

Everyone have a good weekend. Up to six inches of snow is going to hit us in the east this weekend! I'm so excited!


  1. Don't be scared of flannel. It's not hard to work with. Keep the bobbin area of your machine cleaned out and make sure you start your project with a new needle. Your project will turn out great and you'll love it. Have fun!

  2. See if you can find another fabric from a different line of Riley Blake, that may match. Sometimes the colors are similar between lines.
    Flannel is fine to work with, if you are worried about it, just pin extra, although it shouldn't be a problem. It can be the new thing you try this week. So now we will all be expecting an update on your adventures with flannel.