Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas-Your Way!

I have sooo many new followers since starting this little blog in October-I'm just blown away!  I wanted to get to know a little about you so I made up these Christmas questions to find out a little more about you!

Here are the questions with my answers-just copy and paste this into the comments section and replace it with your answers!  I look forward to reading about you!

Favorite Christmas Movie? National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-love a good Christmas laugh!

Who are you buying for this year? Kids? Grandkids? I am busy buying and making things for my little guy-he's 15 months and such a blast!  He's getting a couple Cars tents, books, and magnets, also some finger paints and a truck.  He's been a good boy this year!

What handmade things are you gifting?  I made two quilts, a couple cell phone holders, one of those cute things that holds all of your plastic grocery bags, four book bags, a pillow, two fleece throws, a bunch of playdough for the kiddies and I'm going to do some of those cute coaster with pictures on them using mod podge!

What is on your list to Santa?  Besides just wanting good health and my family I asked Santa for a Cuttlebug and a Gypsy!  We will see if he comes through!

Favorite Christmas foods?  I love sugar cookies!  They are my favorite to make and eat every Christmas!

What is the weather usually like where you live on Christmas Day? Here is PA we usually have lots of pretty snow, but this year it is warm and oh so rainy!

What do you do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  This year we are having our Christmas with my parents on Christmas Eve and then having dinner with some friends and family.  This will be our first Christmas living back home and our first with our little guy actually realizing what is going on!  We will wake up at home Christmas morning and open gifts from Santa and then head to grandparents houses for the rest of the day!  It's always  a wonderful day spent with our families and giving them all of our handmade gifts!

I'm looking forward to reading all about your Christmas!  Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa!! Share what you celebrate!
How do you spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?  


  1. Favorite Christmas Movie? How the grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carry version)

    Who are you buying for this year? Well I have my 3 year old daughter, my parents and my sister. I also have two brothers but they buy for eachother and my sister and me by for one another.

    What handmade things are you gifting? Well the only thing I made was cards, gift card holder and for the daycare kids i look after i made paper photo cubes with their pictures on all four sides and then flowers on top for the 2 girls and the boy i put cars all around them

    What is on your list to Santa? Well i would really love a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera and an Imagine (if you do get a cuttlebug and /or gypsy you will love them, i use both of mine all the time)

    Favorite Christmas foods? Well i love stuffing!! My favourite cookie is short bread with a cherry on top!! We made at least 15 different kinds of treats this year to giveaway and still have half of it left!!

    What is the weather usually like where you live on Christmas Day? Well here in Canada there is usually alot of Snow but it has only snowed 3 times this month with only 1/2 an inch at a time, no snow until Christmas day in the forcast.

    What do you do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Christmas eve this year will be different my daughter is with her father and grandparents for the day and when we pick her up at 4p.m we will come home eat supper and go to church for a Christmas Eve service. Christmas Day we let my daughter open her stoking and then we have a big breakfast 9bacon and eggs or pancakes) we then open the presents. My mom usually makes a buffet type lunch with veggies and dip, spinach dip with pumpernickle bread, salsa dip and a cheese ball. Christmas day will be different as well. We usually have my mom's brother and sister over for supper but my aunt has a new boyfriend and will be with his family so it's just a small (8 ppl) dinner. it will also be different as my papa will not be with us this year (he passed away last summer) and my grandma passed away in july of this year so we won't see her either.

    Thanks for sharing alittle about you and christmas, it was fun answering the questions!!
    Kristan (follower)

  2. Favorite Christmas Movie? Honestly, I haven't watched a Christmas movie in years..

    Who are you buying for this year? My Boyfriend, his 2 daughters, his son and My daughter. Let's just say there's a lot of stuff from the Dollar store under the tree!

    What handmade things are you gifting?
    I did Candle holders and cork boards.

    What is on your list to Santa? Things that I got early :) New Toilet seat, paint and flooring for the upstairs bathroom. and My mom is giving me new floor mats, shower curtain and toothbrush holder.

    Favorite Christmas foods? All the goodies that my mom makes, and I get to take a couple dozen home with me each year.

    What is the weather usually like where you live on Christmas Day? Usually a couple feet of snow. However... it's a brown Christmas this year.. got a little dusting of snow and it's almost melted.

    What do you do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? This year, Christmas Eve with my Boyfriend's mom.. Christmas day with my side of the family.