Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crafty Cricut Creators-On Facebook!

Hey yall!  I just created a new facebook group and I would love for you to come and add all of your Cricut creations!  There is an album for each Cricut cartridge-atleast there will be at some point-and it will have creations from lots of talented ladies!  I always find myself searching alllll over for specific projects for specific cartridges-and I wanted a place where everything was right at my fingertips for ideas. 

Please join us and add your projects- or just look around and be inspired!


  1. I could not find Crafty Cricut Creators on Facebook... :-(

  2. Hey Corri! Thank you so much for stopping by at monicascreativemadness.com. I am your newest follower and love what I am seeing here!

  3. Tina-just click on the Crafty Cricut Creators button in the post above and it should take you there!