Monday, February 6, 2012

Follow Me with Linky Tools!

I just signed up with Linky Tools and I hope you will too!  It's a new way for people to follow you if you are among those who will be loosing Google Friend  Connect in March.  I am not one of those, since I have a google blog, but others who use WordPress will be loosing Google Friend Connect and their followers! 

Linky Followers is cool, new and fresh.  I really like the ease and look of it.  It's easy to see the blogs you follow, who is following you, and managing your blogs has never been easier!  Here is the link to follow me via Linky Tools!  Head over, sign up and follow!


  1. So in March will you lose all your wordpress followers if they don't sign up for this?

    1. No I will not lose any of my followers. People who have a word press blog will lose the people who follow then through google friend connect.

  2. Already on my to-do list for the week. Google wants everyone to use Google+. I have a problem with that because Google requires everyone to use first and last names in their Google+ profile. I'm holding out until I can use my blog name. Thanks for sharing.