Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Clean Craft Room Series-Lori!

Spring Clean Craft Room Series with Lori!

I went from this.....


to this!  

This is Lori from ScrappinMyStressAway and I did some Spring Cleaning in my Scrapbook Nook.  Yes, I said Nook!!  My walk-out basement is my in-home daycare and I have this little nook for my desk/scrapbook area.  Some day I will take over my college-aged son's bedroom but for now this works great!

I have 5 tips that work for me:  Ribbon Storage, Cardstock Storage, Scrap Paper Storage, Stickles Storage and Button/Brad Storage.  Come on in and see!!

I have to keep my stuff out of the reach of little hands.  I got creative with drawers, a shelf tucked behind my table and an armoire.  I have to keep things in front of me or else I forget about them.  I believe they also brighten up my space :)

The black cube on the floor next to my chair is from Target and I borrowed this idea from my sister-in-law to store my cardstock and cricut mats. 

I bought some plastic folders from Hobby Lobby and used some other folders I already had to separate my cardstock by color.  On the left is all of my cricut mats.

I created these tags to hang my ribbon on.  I have a link to a tutorial HERE if you are interested in making some.


This idea came from Pinterest.  I have an 8x10 acrylic frame with velcro on it.  I put velcro dots on my Stickles bottles to stick them upside down.  I have kind of an obsession with Stickles as you can see my extra bottles in the orange bucket in the window sill.

I also have gems, twine, glitter and pearl ex in buckets so I don't forget to use them!

Here is my bookshelf tucked back in the corner.  I organized my scraps by color in an expandable folder (1st shelf from the bottom on the right).  I keep a variety of items on this shelf including photos, adhesive refills, Sew Easy supplies and memorabilia.

Next to my shelf is an armoire to keep my things tucked away from the kiddos.


I am not usually this neat (he he ~ I am kind of a slob)!  I keep my extra ribbon, 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, chipboard mini albums, older photos and everything else I can't keep out in here.


I keep my paper pads in the drawers.  This is a great hiding place from my husband who has no idea how much paper I have!!!

On the end of the other table, I have 2 stacks of Iris drawers.  Each container is labeled for a specific person/occasion.

For my buttons and brads, I use these baby food containers inside an Iris case.  I sort them by color.


Here is my area shot again.

This is my other table with my laptop, printer and Imagine.  On the shelves I keep my silk flowers.

Thank you for motivating me to clean up my area!!!


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