Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Clean Craft Room Series with Carri!

I'm Carri~ AKA abusybee! Welcome to my Craft room!

I have to admit I am a messy scrapper! I have been paper crafting since 2009 and consider it a HUGE part of my life! I enjoy every second that I spend with paper! My Husband built me a great space to craft (you can see the process HERE and I  filled it with paper, tools and embellishments and I was quickly running out of space!  

I often do many quick clean ups but I knew I needed to completely organize everything and the sorting process began!

Clean and Organized!

The process: 

Paper before:

Paper After:

 Sorting of all supplies!

I sorted ALL my supplies! Buttons with buttons, ribbon with ribbon etc. I used boxes during the sort to help it go faster.

I also sorted everything once more by Theme. All Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, Baby ETC now have there own set of containers:

Now if I am creating for a theme like Baby I just pull the baby containers and everything I need is right there! 

My clean out took me 9 hours over a two day period. I thought that was pretty good! I also hauled out 3 laundry baskets of supplies that I no longer use! 

I am super happy with how organized my space is! Now if I buy new supplies I know exactly where they belong.

Here is a video showing my completed space!

Of course since I cleaned my space, I have some goodies to share! Here are the rules:

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Here is what you can win:

Sticky Squares, Frames, Flowers and 3 tubes of glitter!

Thanks for stopping by to see my craft room!


  1. Wonderful video Carri. You are so organized.

    Precious Hugs

  2. That is a great idea to sort by themes. You must feel great when you go in to your craft space. I am certainly inspired to at least clean off my work table

  3. Fantastic room, love the organizing the specific themed items together, definitely going to do that, thanks for sharing your craft space with us!!

  4. Abusybee sent me over to comment. Great video--lots of tips for organizing. I need to organize my space better.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  5. Just heard about this spring clean craft room series from Abusybee, so had to hop over and pick up some tips and see Carri's space! What an amazing space! I'm inspired to get back to cleaning and destashing my craft space! Thanks so much!

    Oh, please do not include me in the giveaway because as I mentioned I need to get to work on destashing! : )

  6. Hello, came in to hop over from Carri's blog. Great video Carri, Love all the organization. Great tips. Now after all these I need to get some organization done.

    Already a follower :0)


    ** Please don't include me in the giveaway!**

  7. Awesome room Carri! Thanks so much for all of your hard work !!!

  8. Hi Carri! I love how you store your Cricut books, the buttons on the baskets is such a great ideal and the show organizer is a must have. Great space! Thanks for sharing your craft room tips. I see some I will use.

  9. Wow your space is awesome and I now have some wonderful storage ideas i have such a small space it is hare to store thing and still make it look good. Thanks for the great ideas!!! Debi