Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Clean Craft Room Series with Melissa!

Hi! My name is Melissa and I blog over at Sew BitterSweet Designs. I hope you will drop by and check out my blog, I have a tutorials section with 30+ free tutorials.

So let’s do some cleaning and organizing!

Last week I cleaned up my sewing space. Mainly because it was a disaster, but also because it is that time of year, time to clean out the dust and cobwebs.
As a quilter, I have more tools and ruler than you can shake a stick out. I needed to find a way not only to store them but also to display them in my sewing room.
I wanted them to be “art” so to speak. Here is my solution:
I found a fabulous assortment of hooks at our local hardware store (spent less than $10.00) – check it out:
For your heavier rulers, I recommend using a longer hook. The longer hooks screw further into the wall and will keep the hook from pulling out of the dry wall from the weight of the rulers.
For the rulers that do not have holes pre-drilled for hanging are lying flat in my sewing cabinet for easy access on top of my “tools” box.

For more easy decorations to brighten your space check these out:
I love old mason jars – I filled one with spools of thread – it was a great way to store them and they look really beautiful on display. I found a great fish bowl at Goodwill for $5.00 – this one used to sit next to my sewing machine and I would put all my scraps in it. Once I filled it I moved it to the top of my fabric cabinet (I now have a glass vase next to my machine for scraps – it will soon become another decoration). The rest of the mason jars are filled with zippers, dowel rods and over-sized knitting needles. Mason jars are a great way to store things and display them. You can find them in almost any grocery store.

To see more of my Sewing Sanctuary – check out my post here.

I am also hosting a giveaway on my blog that ends tomorrow from Fat Quarter Shop - I hope you will all hop on over and enter to win!

Thanks so much for having me today Cori!


  1. Great room! How lucky you are to have a dedicated sewing room!

  2. Great room :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I second the motion - I'm jealous of anyone who has a whole room to play in! LOL Thanks for sharing some great ideas for our creative spaces!

  4. Thanks for having me Cori! I had a lot of fun getting this post together and I really did need the motivation to find my work surfaces again!

  5. Hi Melissa, You have a great craft space. I like th ruler wall.

  6. What a great solution to the problem of oh so many rulers! And it makes them all very handy to grab!! :)